Bet on anything with ODDITY

If there's a number that moves, you can find a prediction market for it on ODDITY. Our exotic perpetuals span across sports, finance, government, and more! 

100+Interested Users25+Data Feeds

ODDITY is a powerful new primitive.

Our unique platform is custom-built for onboarding never-before-seen perp markets to the blockchain.

Exotic Markets

Sports, weather, government… as long as there is a number that moves, ODDITY can host a perpetual prediction market.

Our main value proposition is offering exotic markets that no other platform else has.


ODDITY will be deployed across multiple chains to maximize the surface area of our userbase.

We plan on moving into the EVM space after deploying initially to Tezos and Mavryk Network.

Upgrade Friendly

Our roadmap is packed full with features, and our base engine is tuned for upgrades.

ODDITY will soon have new options to trade with leverage, multi-denomination deposits, and more!

More Markets, More Fun

ODDITY goes beyond classic token price perpetuals. 

Market Diversity

Our perpetuals span across industries currently not served by any crypto product, like the sports betting industry.

This gives ODDITY a wide range of users to target.

All About APIs

It all starts with APIs. Our partners at VinylAPI find solid & trustworthy API data streams around the web.

The Vinyl team then connects the data to the our smart contracts using fully-decentralized data markets on Acurast.

A Trading Experience Crafted for You 

We're building a world-class UI for the ODDITY engine. You won't want to leave our site! Our app will be packed full with features you'll fall in love with.

Plus: features like margin lending, multi-collateral deposits, and combination markets are coming soon to the ODDITY platform.

Try the ODDITY beta today!